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No Dissidia: Final Fantasy PS3 plans

Squeenix to consider PSP port prospects.

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Square Enix is yet to decide whether its Dissidia: Final Fantasy series for PSP will make the jump to PlayStation 3.

Series producer Yoshinori Kitase told Siliconera the company had yet to mull the prospect over, although there were no immediate plans.

"The concept of remastering PSP titles for PS3 is a new idea and initiative from Sony," Kitase explained. "We have not had enough time to think through and plan our actions."

This year sees the first batch of PSP re-makes arrive on PlayStation 3 under the "Sony's PSP Remaster" banner. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd leads the charge in Japan this August, while the God of War Origins Collection is slated for September.

The portable side-series features action RPG elements with a strong focus on fighting. Matt Edwards knocked up a healthy 8/10 score for the original Dissidia: Final Fantasy in 2009. A prequel, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, launched earlier this year.

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