Dissidia: Final Fantasy

UK chart: Batman wings again

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Batman: Arkham Asylum leads the UK All-Formats charts, finishing ahead of Wii Sports Resort for a second consecutive week.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy meets Final Fight... Finally!

Hands up anyone who thought Square Enix would ever release a fighting game made up completely of Final Fantasy characters? Okay, so maybe the DreamFactory-developed Ehrgeiz hinted at it, but I honestly didn't see this coming. Dissidia offers players the chance to fight as either the lead hero or villain from Final Fantasy I through to Final Fantasy X, in full real-time bouts a million miles away from the series' turn-based staple. Time to see whether Squall's Gunblade mastery really is a match for the Buster Sword-wielding Cloud.

Unlike the original Super Smash Bros. excuse of "they're fighting dolls", Dissidia's explanation for the Final Fantasy cast being in the same universe is more sinister. Chaos, the god of discord, and Cosmos, the god of harmony, have been fighting for an eternity within the Dissidia universe. In a bid to destroy Cosmos, Chaos sneakily imports all his favourite antagonists from the Final Fantasy games - with the dark army they subsequently build tipping the balance greatly in his favour. With no option left but to rip off Chaos's idea, Cosmos retaliates by summoning all the manically depressed protagonists from the same games in order to settle the score once and for all.

Rather than the face-to-face fighting style of Tekken and Street Fighter, bouts in Dissidia take place in open 3D arenas similar to Power Stone - but without all the Flamethrowers and Hammers. Players can lock on and off their opponent with the left trigger and run across the arena with the analogue stick. The four face buttons are allocated to Brave attack, HP attack, jump and context-sensitive environment manoeuvres, which might make more sense in Tony Hawk's, but basically deals with all your wall-running and ledge-grinding.

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