Dissidia: Final Fantasy


No Dissidia: Final Fantasy PS3 plans

Squeenix to consider PSP port prospects.

New Dissidia Final Fantasy coming

PSP game due to arrive next year.

PSP's adhocParty system for Europe

Play ad hoc-only games over the internet.

UK chart: Batman wings again

As PS3 Slim launch shakes list.

No Dissidia: Final Fantasy PS3 plans

Squeenix to consider PSP port prospects.

New Dissidia Final Fantasy coming

PSP game due to arrive next year.

PSP's adhocParty system for Europe

Play ad hoc-only games over the internet.

UK chart: Batman wings again

As PS3 Slim launch shakes list.

PAL Dissidia: Final Fantasy this autumn

PSP fighting spin-off already out in Japan.

Review | Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy meets Final Fight... Finally!

Dissidia: FF coming to PSP Store too

In December. Fake beards at the ready.

New Final Fantasy for PSP

"Dissidia" website emerges.