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Deadliest Warrior: Legends XBLA date

Xbox Live July schedule detailed.

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Deadliest Warrior: Legends, Galaga Legions DX and Half Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax are among the new titles heading to Xbox Live Arcade in the next few weeks, Microsoft has announced.

Major Nelson's latest XBL marketplace update also reveals Games on Demand releases for Bionic Commando and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, while Torchlight, Stacking and Medal of Honor all get Deal of the Week discounts.

Here's the full schedule for the next fortnight:

Xbox Live Arcade:

  • 29th June: Backbreaker Vengeance (1200 Points)
  • 29th June: Half-Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax (800 Points)
  • 29th June: Galaga Legions DX (800 Points)
  • 6th July: Deadliest Warrior: Legends (800 Points)

Games on Demand:

  • 28th June: BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
  • 28th June: Bionic Commando
  • 5th July: Risen

Deal of the Week (5-11th July):

  • Torchlight: 800 Points (33 per cent off)
  • Dante’s Inferno: Dark Forest Pack: 200 Points (50 per cent off)
  • Medal of Honor Hot Zone Pack: 400 Points (50 per cent off)
  • Rock Band Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik Album: 1200 Points (25 per cent off)
  • Stacking: 600 Points (50 per cent off)

Game add-ons:

  • 29th July: Pinball FX2 Captain America Table (240 Points)
  • 5th July: Mortal Kombat character “Kenshi” (400 Points)

Avatar Marketplace:

  • 30th June: Harry Potter
  • 5th July: Deadliest Warrior: Legends
  • 7th July: Military Special Ops update

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