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More Red Dead: Redemption DLC coming

Rockstar readies return to the West.

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New downloadable content is coming for last year's Western epic Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar has announced.

A message on the official Rockstar Games' Twitter account last night told fans to "look for a release date and details in the coming weeks".

The news comes as surprise - all signs pointed to last year's Undead Nightmare story add-on being Rockstar's farewell to the award-winning title.

That DLC brought gamers an alternative storyline in which the game's world was invaded by a mysterious zombie plague. It followed three previous expansions for the game's multiplayer modes.

A delayed launch of various Red Dead Redemption pre-order items followed earlier this year.

Since then Rockstar has focused squarely on recent release L.A. Noire, supplementing the period crime drama with its own selection of DLC case add-ons. The final helping, Reefer Madness, launches 12th July.

L.A. Noire's story-centric gameplay lacked any sort of multiplayer. Will new Red Dead Redemption DLC bolster its online offerings? Or will gamers be treated to a further few hours in the company of John Marston and his Wild West world?

Red Dead Redemption's world in motion.

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