Red Dead Redemption: Legends and Killers

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As I told Oli while introducing him to John Marston for the very first time, Red Dead Redemption was my game of the last console generation. While it's getting Xbox One backwards compatibility this week, the news has done nothing to dull my appetite for a new Red Dead.

BAFTA explains Red Dead snub

"We don't have the right" to enter it.

It's one of the biggest nights in the gaming calendar, and BAFTA has insisted that the "quality" of the 2011 GAME British Academy Video Games Awards is not affected by Rockstar's surprise decision not to enter the phenomenally successful Red Dead Redemption.

RDR standalone DLC disc dated

Get your disc-based Undead on in Nov.

Undead Nightmare, a standalone disc bundling all the Red Dead Redemption downloadable content together, will be released in Europe on 26th November, Rockstar Games has announced.

Rockstar details RDR's Land Grab Mode

Rockstar details RDR's Land Grab Mode

Comes with Undead Nightmare add-on.

In Red Dead Redemption's Land Grab Mode – set for multiplayer free roam as part of the intriguing Undead Nightmare add-on – players fight for control over a section of land in one of seven different towns in the open world epic's online game world.

When one of seven posts marked Land Grab is activated, a countdown triggers and players are given control over a radius of territory, Rockstar revealed on its website.

In order to lay claim to the land, you must remain inside the radius and defend against oncoming enemies. Leaving at any time will surrender your claim, as will being killed by another player.

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Red Dead standalone DLC disc bundle

25 quid for all the bits released so far.

Rockstar has announced plans to release Undead Nightmare, a standalone disc bundling all the Red Dead Redemption downloadable content together.

Red Dead Redemption sells loads

Red Dead Redemption sells loads

Take-Two "has strongest IP portfolio in biz".

Open world cowboy game Red Dead Redemption has "sold in" over 6.9 million units worldwide, Take-Two has revealed.

The Rockstar Games title, which launched on 18th May, was "the key factor" in a strong quarter for the US company.

Strong sales of Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, Grand Theft Auto IV, NBA 2K10 and Borderlands also helped.

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Red Dead Redemption: Legends & Killers

Red Dead Redemption: Legends & Killers

Things of the wild frontier.

Nine new maps make up the meat of this multiplayer sandwich, the second batch of DLC for Rockstar's Western elegy, the first to demand payment. Ranging from open rural expanses to cover-heavy towns, all are extracted from the existing terrain, but some have had more of a makeover than others. Since these locations were created for atmosphere and single-player adventuring, they don't always lend themselves well to a nuanced multiplayer experience.

In the interests of completion, and because the game does a poor job of describing what you've bought (offering the new material only as a randomly chosen playlist from a dedicated menu option), the full combination of maps and modes is as follows...

The remote wilderness maps are Tall Trees (Hold Your Own), Manzanita Post (Grab the Bag, Hold Your Own), Punto Orgullo (Hold Your Own), Hennigan's Stead (Grab the Bag, Hold Your Own) and Rio Bravo (Gang Shootout, Gold Rush, Grab The Bag, Shootout).

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