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Sony suggests fix for broken PS3 RDR DLC

Incomplete Hunting and Trading released.

Sony has told PS3 owners how to fix the Hunting and Trading pack for Red Dead Redemption released accidentally in an incomplete form.

The issue has since been rectified, but early adopters may be experiencing problems, such as days in game resets, missions cannot be started and gang hideouts empty with the message to return later – that sort of thing.

"If you are affected by any of these issues, check your Days Passed stat," advised Sony. "If it has been reset to -2 or appears low for the amount of real-life time you have played, then that is the cause of the rest of the issues.

"The final version of the Hunting and Trading pack is 59MB. The incomplete version is 15MB and should be deleted before downloading the final version."

Remember, deleting the unfinished Hunting and Trading pack game data utility from the cross media bar does not delete your saved game or affect your game progress.

The Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack is a free DLC released last week. It adds the Savvy Merchant and Expert Hunter outfits for use in single-player as well as related challenges.

It also features a new animal that's been added to the frontier: the elusive Jackalope.

The unfinished version of the pack was released on 1st September on the European PlayStation Store and was taken down a day later.