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Elusive PC Portal 2 DLC arrives

Razer roof.

There are 10 new levels available for Portal 2, but only if you have a Razer Hydra PC controller.

They controllers cost $140/€140. We're investigating a UK release date and price now.

Hydra is a motion-sensing controller that looks like two Wii nunchuks and has a separate ball sensor that perches on your desk. It's coloured moody black and surprise green.

In the US you can buy the Razyer Hydra controller on Steam. But here you can't.

The 10 bespoke Portal 2 levels were made by Sixense Studios, not Valve. They involve resizing custom weight cubes to solve puzzles and achieve varying objectives.

They're designed to show-off the snazzy motion sensing capabilities of the Razer Hydra controller. Does that mean they could translate to PlayStation Move or - a longer-shot - Kinect?

The Razer Hydra Portal 2 levels live, in action, live.