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PSN Store 807 error "due to traffic"

"Improvements" as day progresses.

If you're receiving an 807 error code on the PSN Store don't worry. "It is due to traffic and we are improving it right now," Sony has said.

"There are so many of you accessing the store at the moment that due to the excessive load, it is a little slow," wrote Sony Europe's Nick Caplin on the EU PlayStation Blog.

"We are improving it as I write this, so you will see improvements in speed as the day progresses."

Sony will catch up on a month of missed PSN Store content "over the next few days". "There is a lot of content to catch up on," wrote Caplin, "so we are doing it in large batches rather than all at once."

The first batch has arrived (and will be listed in full on Eurogamer soon). A second batch will hit North America tomorrow, and presumably the same will happen here.

As an apology for the prolonged absence, Sony offers everyone two free PS3/PSP games from a choice of five. These are Welcome Back gifts. But they're not available yet.

"The welcome back content, including the [month's free subscription to] PlayStation Plus, will be available shortly," promised Caplin.

"The first thing we need to do is get the store up and live and make sure everyting is working fine. Then we will introduce the welcome back content.

"Won't be long, I can assure you."

Last week Microsoft rolled out the spring Xbox Live Dashboard update. The only notable addition was the option to pay by PayPal. Sony's Caplin hinted that the same could be added to PlayStation Network.

"We're looking at many options for the future, so it's certainly possible."