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Virtua Tennis 4 for PS Vita launch

Can Sega serve another ace?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sega has confirmed that its veteran Virtua Tennis series will be out on court for the launch of PlayStation Vita.

For Virtua Tennis 4, Sega - like most publishers with Vita games in the works – promises to take advantage of the system's various clever hardware features.

The game will be playable via touch or standard control inputs, and you can turn yourself into a character using the camera – or play as one of the 22 famous tennis types included.

There's also something called Touch Versus Match, which enables multiplayer on a single system, online play with a social dimension (friend chats, stat-sharing, challenges and so on), and the obligatory mention of "next generation" since this is a new console.

The current gen version of VT4 smashed an 8 in its Eurogamer review, and Sega has confirmed that the Vita instalment is under the watchful eye of the original development team.

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