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SEGA announces Virtua Tennis 4 PC port

Out this summer.

Virtua Tennis 4 will launch on the PC, SEGA has announced.

In Europe it releases as a digital download and a boxed product. In the US it's digital distribution only.

The PC version is due out in the summer – after the 29th April launch of the console versions.

It includes all of the features found in the home console versions, including an enhanced online mode, leaderboard support and a new social clubhouse.

Oh, and don't forget those mini-games.

SEGA reminded us at the PC version fully supports the Xbox 360 controller.

For VT4 SEGA shifted development duties from UK studio Sumo Digital to the in-house team behind the first two games in the much-loved series.

Earlier this month Eurogamer sat down with series creator Mie Kumagai for a chinwag, and she explained why Virtua Tennis 4 is the best VT game yet.