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Virtua Tennis 4 demos are PS3 exclusive

SEGA serves up another 360 snub.

PlayStation 3 users are getting two exclusive Virtua Tennis 4 demos, publisher SEGA has announced.

According to the PlayStation Blog, Sony patrons will be able to sample the game's new World Tour mode from 13th April, with a PlayStation Move demo then arriving "as the real tennis season reaches its peak."

This is a second kick in the shins for Xbox 360 fuzzball fans in as many weeks. Late last month SEGA revealed that the PS3 version of its forthcoming tennis sequel would include exclusive mini-games and playable veterans.

Still, Xbox 360 users, it could be worse. At least you're getting the game on the same day as PlayStation 3 types - 29th April. A PC version is in the works too but won't be ready until the summer.