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Speculation special: Valve, Xbox 720, PS4.

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Hello and welcome to this week's Podcast, hosted by Tom Champion and starring Tom Bramwell (hello!), Martin Robinson and a rare and sexy appearance by Eurogamer TV editor Johnny Minkley.

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We rattle through some of the juiciest headlines of the past few days, including news that Valve is going to gamescom, having made a big point of not bothering with E3. What's that all about then? Are we finally going to see Half-Life 3 in action (no) or is this the anticipated unveiling of Defence of the Ancients 2?

Also in the headlines this week, plenty of speculation about the next Xbox and the next PlayStation. Well, the former isn't really speculation, however much Microsoft and its loose-lipped developmental allies might like to protest, while the latter is Sony once again claiming in no uncertain terms that nobody's thinking about PS4. You might wanna start thinking about it, though, eh? Maybe just a conversation or two in the canteen over coffee and firewall invoices?

Elsewhere, Mr Minkley talks us his three choices for Sandy Isle Games – one contemporary and two utterly, utterly classic. Fans of 16-bit Nintendo will hopefully enjoy basking in our mutual nostalgia.

Finally, please note that from next week the Podcast will go out at 5pm UK time on Tuesdays so that we can more regularly align it with expiring review embargoes rather than having to watch what we say.

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