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EVE Online, Minecraft servers attacked

LulzSec claims a few more scalps.

EVE Online and Minecraft are the latest victims of mischievous hacking crew LulzSec.

CCP Games' sci-fi MMO went offline earlier today with LulzSec claiming to have hobbled its log-in server and website with a DDOS attack.

A post on the hackers' Twitter feed read, "We just wiped out the login server for Eve Online, and it accidentally took their website out at the same time."

Minecraft has also come under fire, with the collective claiming to have taken out its log-in server.

And the fun doesn't stop there. They also claim to have sunk games website The Escapist.

Another Tweet read, "Primary Lulz Cannon is making toast of Escapist Magazine. The real disruption ammunition is secretly causing hell for their sysadmins. Umad?"

They're notching up quite a headcount now – Bethesda, Nintendo and Sony have also been targeted in recent weeks.