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Game Boy Donkey Kong for 3DS eShop

Bug-fixing firmware update also live.

The Game Boy version of arcade classic Donkey Kong is now available to download from the 3DS Nintendo eShop.

Today's store update brings the barrel-jumping platformer to the 3DS in all of its original monochrome glory. It costs €4 (about £3.50).

The Nintendo eShop launched last week via a 3DS firmware update that also unlocked the handheld's web browsing capabilities.

Unfortunately that update (2.1.0-2) also caused screen-freezing when playing Ridge Racer 3D. Nintendo pushed out another update today (version 2.1.0-3) fixing the issue and providing "further system stability improvements and other adjustments".

Last week's launch was headlined by the re-release of marvellous Game Boy Zelda title Link's Awakening. There are new games, too, including free Pokémon info app Pokédex 3D and a 3D remake of classic NES racer Excitebike - free until 7th July 2011.