Ridge Racer 3DS


VideoRidge Racer 3D trailer drifts in

Available today alongside the 3DS.

VideoGoggle at Ridge Racer 3D gameplay

Except in 2D here, obviously.

VideoRidge Racer 3D teaser revs up

Releasing in the "launch period".

Key events

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Bug-fixing firmware update also live.

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VideoRidge Racer 3D trailer drifts in

Available today alongside the 3DS.

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Depth race.

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Mario! Zelda! Monkeys! Cars! Etc.

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The games available on day one.

Namco: Ridge Racer 3DS not dumbed down

"It's not about making the game easy."

Namco: "No plan" for Ridge Racer NGP

But it is looking into the hardware.

VideoGoggle at Ridge Racer 3D gameplay

Except in 2D here, obviously.

VideoRidge Racer 3D teaser revs up

Releasing in the "launch period".

Ridge Racer 3DS is simple and forgiving

Mario Kart-style control, less punishment.

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Can you guess what it is yet?

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Plus battery life details.

Famitsu shows Ridge Racer 3DS

Can you guess what it is?