Ridge Racer 3DS


VideoRidge Racer 3D trailer drifts in

Available today alongside the 3DS.

Ridge Racer 3D

Depth race.

VideoGoggle at Ridge Racer 3D gameplay

Except in 2D here, obviously.

VideoRidge Racer 3D teaser revs up

Releasing in the "launch period".

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3DS boosts Namco Bandai software sales

3DS boosts Namco Bandai software sales

Tales, One Piece, Ridge Racer numbers in.

Namco Bandai has reported a solid year-on-year boost in game sales, with Nintendo's 3DS affording the publisher a healthy slice of new business.

During the first quarter of the current fiscal year, software sales rose to 3.38 million compared to 3.15 million during the same period last year.

Of that total, PlayStation 3 titles contributed 657,000 sales, Xbox 360 651,000 and the 3DS 622,000. The DS added 614,000, the PSP 595,000 and the Wii a relatively paltry 199,000.

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UK top 40: Crysis 2 leads 3DS pack

3DS launch titles fare well.

The UK all-formats chart is rocked by a raft of new arrivals this week, the best selling being EA's blockbuster shooter Crysis 2, which tops the list.

Ridge Racer 3D

Ridge Racer 3D

Depth race.

Uncharitable Nintendo fans might wish Satoru Iwata spent less time interviewing developers on his website and more time commissioning new Marios, Zeldas and Pikmins, but if Nintendo's president ever tires of ordering more stationery and chasing Shigeru Miyamoto around the office then he should have no difficulty attracting freelance writing commissions. Certainly not when his insights are as weightless and poetic as this one: "When you're driving well in a racing game, you often get into an egoless state and rise above yourself."

That's Iwata talking to Namco Bandai's Yozo Sakagami, who enthusiastically agrees, and many of us will know why: because it captures perfectly the meditative trance into which we descend when, at least once every console generation, we locate the magic centre of a new Ridge Racer.

For Ridge Racer 3D, it comes at the start of the second phase of the Grand Prix mode, as the third-tier cars come online, speeds hover across the 320km/h threshold, and the slow-paced track-by-track repetition of the first three hours coalesces into an hypnotic blend of perfect muscle memory and extrasensory feedback, your inputs no longer fully conscious and the anchor tethering your mind to the moment fully, beautifully broken. You're no longer racing; you flow.

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Nintendo 3DS: Launch Title Lowdown

Nintendo 3DS: Launch Title Lowdown

Mario! Zelda! Monkeys! Cars! Etc.

There's just one month to go now until Nintendo releases its shiny new handheld and everyone in the world throws their 3D specs in a bin. Yes, as of 25th March, we'll all be able to enjoy glorious, glasses-free, three-dimensional gaming with the Nintendo 3DS.

Providing we're willing to part with Ł230 first. And aren't one of those people whose eyes can't even look at a 3D screen without their eyes going all swimmy. But this is missing the point. The POINT is that this is the start of a magnificent new era. Soon we will be able to visit gameworlds where objects in the distance look not just smaller, but farther away. And what a wide range of worlds there will be to explore, right from launch.

As covered in our recent previews there's new Pilotwings and Kid Icarus to enjoy, not to mention Super Street Fighter IV.

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Ridge Racer 3DS is simple and forgiving

Mario Kart-style control, less punishment.

Namco Bandai's upcoming 3DS version of Ridge Racer has been built with younger and broader audiences in mind than usual, according to localisation producer Ryo Totoyama.

Nintendo 3DS Japanese launch line-up

Nintendo 3DS Japanese launch line-up

Plus battery life details.

Nintendo has announced the Japanese launch line-up for its upcoming 3DS handheld and posted detailed specs for the handheld that reveal its battery life.

The biggest of the launch games are probably Nintendogs+Cats and Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle, with the rest of the list made up of third-party titles.

Here's the line-up and pricing courtesy of Famitsu:

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