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Reader Review of the Month - June

Who is top banana?

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Yes, it's reader review time - where we look over your haircut and dress sense and give you marks out of ten. Or more accurately, where we pick the best reader-written articles submitted in the last month.

Top of the pops this time round are robbiejc5's review of Wario Land: The Shake Dimension and Bobfoc's take on Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale. Both are well worth a read.

But if you only check out one reader review this month, make it this one:

SilentTristero's review of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Here's a highlight, but take a look at the full banana for more.

"The most positive thing I can say about Modern Warfare is that it gave me a different perspective on an aspect of life I'm not particularly accustomed to. It's easy to casually deride the 'War on Terror' every night at 6 on the news, but to get even a tiny glimpse of a modern soldier's potential mindset is a valuable opportunity, and to actually experience it is a unique, inherent strength of computer games."

Once again it fell to Eurogamer's very own Cheryl Cole, alias deputy editor Ellie Gibson, to pick this month's winner. "Having reviewed The Shake Dimension myself I was interested to read robbiejc5's take on it, though disappointed to learn he did a better job," she says.

"Bobfoc's review of Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale also stood out for its intriguing intro and fancy metaphors and that.

"But SilentTristero just had the edge with his review of COD 4: Modern Warfare. I felt he had something new and fresh to say about a game that has already been much-analysed, and he expressed it in in elegant yet down-to-earth way. Also I liked the butler joke."

Well done, SilentTristero! We'll dig out a prize and wing it your way.

Anyone who thinks they're hard enough can come and have a go by submitting their own reader review. Bonne chance, mon chapeaux.

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