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All Tom Clancy games to use Kinect

Ghost Recon: Future Solider is the first.

Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot took the stage at the Microsoft Xbox Media Briefing to announce that all future Tom Clancy titles for Xbox 360 will "leverage" the Kinect controller.

The first game to use Kinect will be Ghost Recon: Future Solider. But Guillemot's announcement implies that future Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six games, among others, will also be compatible with Kinect.

The diminutive French executive introduced a demo of Future Solider on stage. Its weapon customisation mode, Gunsmith - which will allow you to create 20 million unique weapons - uses Kinect.

Guns can be customised down to their interior parts with either gestures - using hand motions to split them apart and combine them - or voice commands.

Simply saying "optimise for close combat" or "randomise" changes the configuration of your weapon.

You can then try your guns out using motion control on a firing range.

The demonstrator crouched forward and his left hand, held in a fist as if holding the gun, guided his weapon. He fired the gun by opening and closing his right hand. Upward and downward gestures with his right hand took him into and out of the gun's scope.

"At Ubisoft, we have been big believers in Kinect since day one," Guillemot said. He added that Ubisoft would be moving on from supporting Kinect with fitness and sports titles to incorporating it in its core games.

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