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Invizimals dev now Sony exclusive

Novarama signs on the bottom line.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Invizimals maker Novarama is now a Sony exclusive developer.

The Barcelona-based studio will focus on making PlayStation Vita games. It's currently working on Vita launch title Reality Fighters.

Novarama's claim to fame is bringing Augmented Reality gaming to handheld consoles with the Invizimals franchise.

Reality Fighter also has Augmented Reality elements. Martin Robinson went hands-on for Eurogamer's PlayStation Vita preview.

"Reality Fighters does an incredible job of incorporating its combatants into the backdrops, and it's a feature that's disarmingly charming: it's possible to project a 30-foot version of yourself onto the horizon and fight against a similarly proportioned astronaut," Martin wrote.

"The camera and motion controls do well to keep the action steady."

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