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Bit.Trip Saga/Complete gets US date

No Euro publisher yet for mad indie gem.

Bit.Trip Saga and Bit.Trip Complete launch for 3DS and Wii respectively on 13th September in the US, publisher Aksys has announced.

However, when Eurogamer checked in to find out when the titles will arrive in the UK, we were told they're yet to secure a European publisher. Sigh.

For the uninitiated, both titles see all six entries in the love it/loathe it Gaijin-developed Bit.Trip download series stuffed onto a cart/disc and put on a store shelf for your convenience.

The Wii version gets a bunch of extra content too, detailed earlier this month.

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Bit.Trip Beat

iOS, Nintendo Wii, PC

Bit.Trip Fate

Nintendo Wii

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Bit.Trip Flux

Nintendo Wii

Bit.Trip Runner

Nintendo Wii, PC

Bit.Trip Saga

Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo Wii

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