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Voice of Duke Nukem hints at DLC

"Something may involve singing."

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The voice behind cult video game character Duke Nukem has teased downloadable content for upcoming shooter Duke Nukem Forever.

Jon St. John, the long-time voice of Duke, said in a new interview that he still has some voice recording sessions to do with developer Gearbox – despite DNF having gone gold.

"I've probably done seven or eight sessions for Duke Nukem Forever, and I have some still to go," he told

"Even though the game is still finished, of course there will be special add-on packs and features including... I don't know if I am allowed to talk about this or not... something that may involve singing. I'll leave it at that."

Back in January Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford told Eurogamer the development team planned to discuss Duke Nukem Forever DLC with fans on its website after the game ships.

"As we wrap everything up completely and get closer to the launch date, our attentions can be allowed to think about the future again," he explained.

"Myself and other people from the Gearbox team will then talk about it with fans in the forums at"

Duke Nukem Forever launches this month after centuries of development. All pre-orders will be honoured – even those nailed before pre-orders were a thing.

Eurogamer sat down with Pitchford for a Duke Nukem Forever interview in February.

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