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Today's Top Trailers - Day 4

The best videos of the last 24 hours.

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It's been a pretty good week for ace new trailers, as you'll know if you checked out Eurogamer's picks of the bunch on Tuesday and Wednesday.

But now the conferences are over, the big announcements are out there and calm has settled over E3 like dust on a PSP Go. The games industry lies spent and alone, quietly weeping next to a pile of soggy tissues and a 1998 Louise Nurding calendar.

Which is all just a fancy way of saying there haven't been many great trailers out in the last 24 hours so we've decided to include gameplay videos as well today.

Top of the Pops

1. Assassin's Creed: Revelations Gameplay

Six full minutes of stunning environments, fast-paced action, spectacular set pieces and characters whose lip movements almost actually match the words they say. Who needs Nurding when you've got this? "Brotherhood engine tweaked and looking lovely," notes Phillips. "I like his new outfit," adds Gibson.

Ezio the grey.

2. Killer Freaks From Outer Space

Atmospheric and gory, just like a good survival horror trailer should be. Extra points for use the words "arse" and "underpants". Is it just us though, or do those enemies look suspiciously like zombie versions of Rayman's stupid raving rabbids? Not that we wouldn't welcome the chance to shoot a warrenful of them in the face. "Could be good," says Phillips. "Could be Red Steel."

When Rabbids attack.

3. Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary

You might recognise some of this footage from the Nintendo conference, but now it's been all nicely packaged up with a bit of chat from Miyamoto and Aonuma. Gibson can't watch it without saying things like, "So you're saying the green elf isn't Zelda? Or is he supposed to be a fairy?" Phillips can't watch it without doing a white weewee.


4. Rift Patch 1.3

Good and dramatic, with some nice water effects and a stirring choral soundtrack. Plus it's good to be reminded that MMOs other than World of Warcraft exist.

Not World of Warcraft.

5. Resident Evil Revelations

Truth be told this looks pretty much like every Resident Evil trailer you've ever seen ever. But, you know, slow vids day. At least Phillips is a fan: "By far the best looking 3DS game to date," he reckons. "Sorry, Zelda." Bet he's crying into his little green fairy's hat right now.

Thermal zombie protection.

And the worst...

Gotham City Impostors

Why anyone would want to play a video game as an accountant dressed in a crap Batman costume is a mystery. This trailer does not unravel it.

Eurogamer commenter StolenGlory sums it up best: "Can I also play as a sadistic hack developer, hell-bent on making sh***y XBLA/PSN games based on the Batman licence?"

Gotham gone wrong.

Highly commended: Nintendo Wii U announcement - The Musical by some guy on YouTube. We are finding it impossible to compartmentalise this in our brains.

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