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Games Jam to feature on Radio 4

Gibson puts on best BBC voice.

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Fans of indie gaming, Peter Molyneux and not washing for three days might like to know there's a new documentary about said topics coming to Radio 4.

Titled Virtually Famous, it's being broadcast on Friday 3rd June at 11am. It's presented by Eurogamer's very own Ellie Gibson, now one step closer to fulfilling her dream of being on The Archers.

For those who aren't familiar, Games Jams are weekend-long events where amateur programmers and bedroom developers gather to create games in just 48 hours.

The documentary asks why more and more game designers are gravitating towards such events. There's a visit to the London Games Jam, where Ellie helps out (well, sort of) with the development of smashing Flash game From Beyond.

There's also a trip to the World of Love conference and to the video game BAFTAs, along with a bit of chat from monsieur Molyneux.

So why not tune in? Should be a good listen if you're into this kind of thing, and a good reason to get exasperated about where the licence fee is going these days if you're not.

Have a look at the BBC website for more info, and to listen in after the programme's been broadcast.

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