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Nintendo E3 press conference date

Wii 2/Project Cafe reveal a month away.

Nintendo has announced a date and time for its annual E3 press conference: Tuesday 7th June at 9am PDT - 5pm UK time.

There, Nintendo will unveil a playable model of its Wii successor Project Cafe, and finally confirm what the machine can do.

Plenty of Project Cafe tech rumours have been floating around. How close to the mark are they? Digital Foundry presented an informed opinion.

Reports claim the device has 8GB of storage and no 3D.

And what about the controller? Will it have a touch-screen or buttons?

We also hope for our first glimpse of Project Cafe's games. Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios is working on a Project Cafe title - will we see it? And what about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - will Nintendo convert the Wii game for Project Cafe? GameCube Zelda game Twilight Princess was released on Wii this way.

We do know that Nintendo plans to show off new 3DS software. Miyamoto has promised a Super Mario 3DS reveal, and we hope to see more of Mario Kart 3DS, Animal Crossing 3DS and 3D Flipnote Studio.

Nintendo is the last of the three platform holders to present to press at E3. Microsoft and Sony flaunt their wares a day earlier on 6th June.

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