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Bit.Trip Complete announced for Wii

Lavish retail release for brutal indie saga.

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The downloadable Bit.Trip games are being rounded up onto a single Wii disc later this Summer, developer Gaijin Games has announced.

Bit.Trip Complete will include all six episodes in Gaijin's genre-hopping revisionist jaunt through the history of game development, and a treasure trove of extras on the side.

Here's the full rundown of additional content promised, as detailed on the developer's blog:

  • 120 completely new Bit.Trip challenges spanning all six games
  • Exclusive audio gallery with fan remixes, original songs, and demo versions of existing Bit.Trip themes
  • Exclusive image gallery with production stills, concept art, and promo images
  • Exclusive video gallery with more than 25 movies telling the story of CommanderVideo
  • Six letters to Bit.Trip fans, written by Alex Neuse, the series' director
  • Exclusive Bit.Trip soundtrack sampler CD with music from all six games
  • All six games in the award-winning Bit.Trip series in one complete package
  • New difficulty modes in all games
  • Online leaderboards

As revealed earlier this year, all six games are also being repackaged for the 3DS as Bit.Trip Saga.

Publisher Aksys Games is yet to confirm a release date for either. While you're waiting, have a gander at the trailer for the stupidly hard fifth entry in the series, Bit.Trip Fate, which scored 6/10 on WiiWare back in November 2010.

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