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26th November 2010

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16th September 2010

Bit.Trip Fate trailer

Bit.Trip Saga/Complete gets US date

No Euro publisher yet for mad indie gem.

Bit.Trip Saga and Bit.Trip Complete launch for 3DS and Wii respectively on 13th September in the US, publisher Aksys has announced.

Bit.Trip Complete announced for Wii

Bit.Trip Complete announced for Wii

Lavish retail release for brutal indie saga.

The downloadable Bit.Trip games are being rounded up onto a single Wii disc later this Summer, developer Gaijin Games has announced.

Bit.Trip Complete will include all six episodes in Gaijin's genre-hopping revisionist jaunt through the history of game development, and a treasure trove of extras on the side.

Here's the full rundown of additional content promised, as detailed on the developer's blog:

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Download Games Roundup

Download Games Roundup

Dinner! Supermarket! Fate! Taxi! Kaptain!

We've got some complete polar opposites for you to revel in this week in download land. In the blue corner, we've got games like Kaptain Brawe and the re-issue of Crazy Taxi that want to drag you back to the way things were, and in the red corner, Dinner Date, a 'game' that takes us into the drunken subconscious of an insecure poet and his quest for a shag.

And the one trying to stop the others from hitting each other is Gaijin Games' latest, Bit.Trip Fate, a smorgasbord of retro-futurism if ever I saw it.

Dinner Date

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Bit.Trip Fate heading to Europe

Maniac blaster hits WiiWare next week.

Bit.Trip Fate, the penultimate chapter in Gaijin Games' schizophrenic WiiWare series, will launch in Europe on 19th November.

Bit.Trip Fate dated for WiiWare

Plus, developer working on 3DS title.

The next entry in the Bit.Trip series, Bit.Trip Fate, arrives on WiiWare on 25th October in the USA, developer Gaijin Games has announced.