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Project Cafe has 8GB storage - report

And Blu-ray-like 25GB discs.

Project Cafe, Nintendo's codenamed successor to the Wii, reportedly has 8GB of on-board Flash memory.

The new console also uses 25GB discs as well as a controller with a touch-screen that can either produce a traditional button layout, supplementary game information or play full, streamed games.

That's according to Kotaku, which verified the details with "sources familiar with Nintendo's planned 2012 gaming machine".

The report didn't state conclusively whether Project Cafe will support 1080i resolution or 1080p.

Project Cafe's 8GB of storage alludes to a less ambitious game/film/content download service than on PS3 and Xbox 360. And if rumours are correct and Nintendo's new machine out-grunts PS3 and Xbox 360, shouldn't 1080p be an easily achievable goal?

What's more, we're still none the wiser whether the disc format is Blu-ray, although the 25GB capacity matches that of a single-layer Blu-ray.

Nintendo is expected to end speculation with an E3 reveal next month.

Digital Foundry explored the possible architecture of Project Cafe for Eurogamer last month.

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