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Kinect Fun Labs unveiled

Bite-sized Kinect games available on Xbox now.

Kinect Fun Labs, a hub for new, bite-sized Kinect experiences, has been unveiled at Microsoft's E3 conference – and is available on Xbox Live today.

Three of Kinect Fun Labs games were shown, all developed by Good Science Studio.

The first, Kinect Me, allowed players to create an avatar from themselves thanks to the camera being able to pick out finer features such as hair, eyes, nose and mouth. Kinect Me was shown off in real-time, and produced some convincing results.

Kinect Sparkler utilized finger tracking which allowed the player to draw 3D pictures. The camera captured two pictures of the player, and used both them to create a composite 3D image which could then be scrawled on, with the player's finger creating a sparkling trace. Images created using Kinect Sparkler can be shared on kinectshare.com.

Finally, Kinect Googly Eyes allowed the player to scan objects, with a pair of image captures creating an animated version of whatever's held in front of the Kinect camera.

Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda said that Kinect Fun Labs would be home to the best innovations developed by the Kinect community, giving hope that the many and varied Kinect mods that have emerged since the system launched last year will find their way into player's homes.

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