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Tecmo plans Project Café launch titles

Plus, announces 415% profit surge.

Tecmo Koei has announced it hopes to have titles ready for the launch of the Wii's successor next year.

CEO Yoichi Erikawa made the announcement in an earnings call today, reported by Andriasang, noting that the publisher is trusted by platform holders to always have titles ready in time for a hardware launch.

Erikawa also stated that the publisher had games in the works for the arrival of Sony's NGP handheld later this year.

Elsewhere during the presentation he announced that sales fell seven per cent over the past year to ¥32 billion (around £245 million), but operating profit shot up by a whopping 415.5 per cent to ¥3.3 billion (around £25 million).

The publisher's top seller was Dynasty Warriors 7 which shifted 660,000 units on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Samurai Warriors: Chronicles on 3DS has sold 260,000 so far.

In total, Tecmo sold 3.35 million games in Japan, 1.4 million in North America, 860,000 in Europe and 155,000 in the rest of Asia.

Next off the assembly line is fleshy 3DS scrapper Dead or Alive: Dimensions, due out in Europe on 20th May.

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Dynasty Warriors 7

PS3, Xbox 360

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