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Is Ryse Crytek's Kingdoms Kinect game?

To be shown at Microsoft's E3 conference.

Crytek's fantasy Kinect game Kingdoms may be called Ryse.

The Ryse name was leaked on a Microsoft E3 landing page that appeared on Xbox.com before being swiftly taken down.

"You are the warrior in this cinematic, action-packed Kinect experience," read the description for Ryse.

We'll find out definitively whether Ryse is Crytek's game when Microsoft delivers its press conference at 5.30 UK time. Eurogamer will be reporting in real-time from E3 in LA.

In May, Crytek Budapest - the company developing Kingdoms/Ryse - faced significant lay-offs as Microsoft Game Studios sought to move the project to its development studio in Frankfurt, Germany.

Microsoft announced Kingdoms at E3 2010 as a first-person melee title. Will it be the core Kinect game that Xbox 360 gamers are waiting for?

Kingdoms - Ryse?

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