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"Onechanbara 2" spotted on

Plus, Saint Seiya looks on for the West.

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Online shop has updated with a raft of games from Japanese company Namco Bandai, including some unannounced titles.

According to, Onechanbara 2 is out on 3rd February 2012 for £25. Is this a remake of Onechanbara 2? The cheaper price point suggests it could be. But if true, what happened to a remake of Onechanbara 1?

The last Onechanbara game released - the fourth Onechanbara game - was Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers on Wii. It was a wacky as it sounds.

Elsewhere, PlayStation 3 exclusive Saint Seiya is listed for launch on 1st November for £40.

The game, which is based on the Saint Seiya manga and anime, was announced last week for release in Japan.

Meanwhile, DS game Rune Factory 3 is down for launch on 30th September, PlayStation Portable game Half-Minute Hero 2 is down for 21st October, Nintendo 3DS title One Piece: Unlimited Cruise is listed for 1st November, and Super Robot Wars for 3DS is out 2nd March 2012.

As Eurogamer tipster "landlock" points out, some of these games may be published by Rising Star, which specialises in launching quirky Japanese titles in Europe.

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