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What would happen if GAME died?

An investigation into how it would affect you.

Does anything really matter until you're personally affected by it? It's easy enough to ignore financial reports and credit warnings and gloomy editorials - but try ignoring an empty shelf. Try ignoring GAME, the UK's largest specialist video game shop chain, being unable to to stock Ubisoft's PlayStation Vita games (until today), Wii role-playing game The Last Story and Tekken 3DS.

Gameplay signs off with 5 Gamestation.co.uk voucher

Soon to be closed online shop Gameplay is giving its customers 5 to spend at Gamestation.co.uk ahead of the merger of the two websites.

Emails are being sent to Gameplay customers now with voucher codes for use in Gamestation.co.uk (thanks duckmouth!).

The fine print reveals the vouchers are valid until 31st March, and a minimum spend of 10 applies.

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GAME confirms it's not stocking Tekken 3DS

GAME is not stocking Tekken on 3DS, Eurogamer can reveal.

Tekken 3D Prime Edition, out today, will not be sold in any GAME store nationwide or on the GAME.co.uk website.

A GAME source told Eurogamer Tekken was delayed because distributor Nintendo had not sent the stock to GAME's warehouse in time for launch.

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Tekken 3D: Prime Edition Review

Tekken 3D: Prime Edition Review

Prime and punishment.

Although SNK vs. Capcom on the Neo Geo Pocket and Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the Game Boy Advance proved that portable punch-ups weren't just the fever dream of a studio gone mental, it wasn't until Tekken: Dark Resurrection that handheld fighting games finally matched the ambition of their console brethren. Of course, this was partly down to the processing power of the PSP and its workable analogue slider - but not to sell Katsuhiro Harada and his team short, the game also benefited from the engaging Tekken Dojo mode and a wealth of character customisation options.

In comparison, Tekken 3D: Prime Edition for 3DS is a bare-bones port that's less about single-player content - something which every portable fighting game needs in spades - and more about pimping the Tekken 6 system out to a Nintendo audience. This is a shame, as after the success of Dark Resurrection and the equally accomplished SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny, Namco has become synonymous with full-featured fighting games that lose little in the handheld transition. But comparing Tekken 3D to last year's Dead or Alive: Dimensions, it's clear that Team Ninja offers more for the backpacking brawler.

The good news, however, is that Tekken 3D features all 40 characters from Tekken 6 in a mammoth roster that includes old staples like the katana-abusing Yoshimitsu with his kangaroo kicks and the leopard-loving King with his chainable throws, as well as more recent additions like gypsy assassin Zafina with her spidery stances and the gut-barging Bob with his surprisingly dexterous footwork. It also seems that the Mishima Zaibatsu have been making advances in stem cell research, as Heihachi looks a tad younger than he did during the first King of Iron Fist Tournament.

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Tekken 3D Prime Edition release date confirmed

Tekken 3D Prime Edition launches in Europe on 17th February 2012, Namco Bandai has confirmed.

Namco Bandai has partnered with Nintendo to distribute the fighting game in Europe.

Namco said Tekken on 3DS, the first Tekken title on a Nintendo platform since Tekken Advance on the GBA in 2001, is a "more realistic and dynamic Tekken experience".

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Tekken 3D Prime Edition release date spotted

Tekken 3D Prime Edition release date spotted

BBFC reckons 3DS fighter drops in February.

Portable brawler Tekken 3D Prime Edition launches on 3DS in the UK on 17th February, according to the game's BBFC listing.

A spokesperson for Namco Bandai declined to comment, saying only that an official announcement is due soon.

The first Tekken title on a Nintendo platform since Tekken Advance on the GBA in 2001 will include over 40 characters, a 3D version of the Tekken: Blood Vengeance movie and will run at 60fps, even with 3D turned on.

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How Tekken Vita may work

Harada teases unannounced game.

Namco Bandai announced new Tekken games for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS at last week's E3 2011 trade show but what about PS Vita?