Armored Core 5


VideoArmored Core 5 footage unloads doomsday

Apocalyptic mech fighting due 23rd March.

VideoDark Souls, Armoured Core 5 dev diary

New From Software developer diary.

VideoLatest Armored Core V footage

Namco mech fighter for 2012 launch.

Key events

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Full metal racket.

VideoArmored Core 5 footage unloads doomsday

Apocalyptic mech fighting due 23rd March.

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Big debuts for Resident Evil: Revelations, Armored Core.

Armored Core V release date announced

Latest from Dark Souls developer out in March.

VideoDark Souls, Armoured Core 5 dev diary

New From Software developer diary.

VideoLatest Armored Core V footage

Namco mech fighter for 2012 launch.

Armored Core V delayed to 2012 in Japan

Knock-on effect for Western release?

"Onechanbara 2" spotted on

Plus, Saint Seiya looks on for the West.

VideoGritty new Armored Core 5 trailer

Namco Bandai rolls out new cinematic.

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Namco Bandai's latest parachutes in.