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Crytek: Crysis 2 "backfired a bit"

Studio boss laments PC gamer backlash.

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Crytek's decision to make Crysis 2 more accessible to low-spec PC gamers and their console brethren might have been a mistake, reckons the studio's CEO.

Cevat Yerli told Gamasutra that the move upset a significant portion of the shooter's fanbase, something that it's now trying to remedy with the impending DirectX 11 patch.

"Crysis 1's intention was, if I were to play it three years later, it looks great. And it does, actually, it fulfilled that. But it made it difficult for entry-level players," he explained. "So with Crysis 2, we took a different direction, and it backfired a little bit."

As detailed earlier this week, the DX 11 patch arrives on 27th June alongside update 1.9.

"This is much more like a gift to the high-end community," said Yerli. "And I think gamers will appreciate that. It lifts up Crysis 2 and gives a sneak peak of how PC gaming will evolve in the future, if you support a high-end preference."

The original Crysis was infamously demanding on PC users' hardware, and was one of the first games to use the Direct3D 10 framework of DirectX 10.

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