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Can your table run Crysis?

Roll with it.

There's an officially-licensed Crysis board game on Kickstarter.

Crysis Analogue Edition is described as a competitive, tactical board game for 2-8 players, based on Crytek's first-person shooter Crysis.

Crysis Analogue Edition, by Dusseldorf, Germany based developer Frame 6, includes two modes: Team Instant Action and Capture the Relay. As in the video game, the board game revolves around use of the Nanosuit to do things like increase armour or go into stealth mode. There's an overview of how the game works in the video, below.

It's set during Crysis 3, just after the alien invasion. New York is destroyed and overgrown with plants. The board is a depiction of Times Square. Two factions fight: the US Special Forces, and Cell.

The Kickstarter asks for €85,000. At the time of publication, €25,824 had been pledged by 265 backers. 21 days of the crowdfunding campaign remain.

With no new Crysis game announced, and Crytek coming through a transitional period following financial trouble, perhaps Analogue Edition is the closest we're going to get to a new Crysis game for some time.

So, the obvious question remains: can your table run Crysis?

Or, as Frame 6 puts it in the Kickstarter FAQ: can my Ikea table run the game on highest graphic settings?

"We're happy to announce that we'll be able to provide the highest graphic settings on any table configuration. Due to the epic proportions of the game, we recommend a table size of at least 1 x 1 Meter."

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