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"The transformation was painful. We paid the price"

Crytek boss Cevat Yerli on unpaid wages, Ryse 2 and the future.

Digital FoundryCrytek: the next generation

Digital Foundry talks CryEngine, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Ryse with Cevat Yerli.

Digital FoundryFace-Off: Crysis 3

Have the current-gen consoles finally reached their limits?

Crysis 3 review

Prophet or loss?

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Digital FoundryCrytek: the next generation

Digital Foundry talks CryEngine, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Ryse with Cevat Yerli.

In our graphics cards tests, there's one game that's our go-to title when carrying out gameplay performance analysis: Crysis 3. Crytek's last game is a technological showcase: one of the very few games built with next-gen development in mind, and the best stress test for the latest AMD, Nvidia and Intel GPU technologies. With the next-gen console zero-hour approaching, we reached out to Crytek to talk tech - to discuss how their multi-platform engine was ported onto next-gen, what the company view was of the new Sony and Microsoft architecture, and of course to sneak in a few questions about Ryse.

Crysis 3 review

Crysis 3 review

Prophet or loss?

Read the landscape, make a plan, see what happens when it's set in motion across huge, open environments: these three beats embody the dark island spirit that marked the original Crysis out from other, almost-as-pretty shooters. Despite the glitz and spectacle, this sort of thing often felt like a distant memory when playing Crysis 2. Behind the alien invasions and mysterious Nanosuits, Prophet's most recent battle against the Ceph was telling a more interesting story of how technology can affect the kind of places games can take you to, and how those places, in turn, can affect the kind of fun you have.

It wasn't a particularly happy narrative. Tailoring the tech for consoles as well as PCs meant compromise, and Crysis 2's compact urban spaces struggled to give you the same tactical freedom as the first game. Forget taking in a massive vista and formulating a strategy - how were you even meant to find your way out of this claustrophobic alleyway and towards the "action bubble" that lurked up ahead?

Crysis 3 is an attempt at synthesis. 20 years after the events of Crysis 2, what's left of Manhattan has been stuck under a mysterious high-technology dome designed by the evil Cell network in a bid to contain the last of the alien menace and control the planet. The dome has conveniently done just the things many players will want it to have done: it's jumbled the architecture of the city, opening out the famous avenues and flattening fresh plains where knee-high grass can take root, and created a series of playgrounds for sadists who like to mess with their enemies before killing them. Part nature preserve, part oilrig, this is the environment that Prophet and his Nanosuit are dropped back into after being freed from Cell captivity.

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Demo showdown: Crysis 3 multiplayer beta

Crysis 2 was a controversial release; Crytek's renowned 'maximum game' ethos was put on hold in favour of targeting multiple platforms, much to the annoyance of the PC hardcore. It took the release of a DirectX 11 patch and a high-res art upgrade to placate the fans, but the results were more than worth it - it's still one of our 'go to' games for sheer visual spectacle. This time around, we suspect there'll be no such complaints. The focus on extreme visual quality is back in Crysis 3, with the development team building this sequel around high-end graphics cards in order to deliver a visual masterpiece worthy of the next generation of gaming hardware.

The single-player component of Crysis 3 will almost certainly push the graphical envelope further than its online counterpart, but regardless, the recently released multiplayer beta allows us to get some idea of how CryEngine 3 has evolved over the last couple of years, plus we get an early preview of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 image quality and performance. Are the 'vintage' consoles up to the task of running a Crysis game that is even more visually demanding than the last?

From the off, it's clear that much has changed in Crysis 3 in terms of the environments and how they are integrated with gameplay. The dilapidated, man-made cityscapes of New York are now combined with sprawling organic locations situated in various bio domes. Two distinct locations are available in the beta: a museum stage set in a large and murky swamp and an old abandoned airport, slowly deteriorating and overgrown with foliage. Here, Crytek manages to infuse elements from the first and second games in the series into its latest work.

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Crysis 3 open beta available on EU PlayStation Store today

Crysis 3 open beta available on EU PlayStation Store today

Plus: Bayonetta, Hitman Trilogy, GTA: Vice City.

Crysis 3's open beta will be available to download from the EU PlayStation Store today. It's free for all to try, except if you live in Germany where you have to be a Plus subscriber.

The beta launched yesterday on PC and Xbox 360 and runs for two weeks. You get to try out Crash Site, a mode where you and your team defend locations and kill the other team, and Hunter, where two super-powered players take on 10 others.

Also available today is Platinum's cult classic Bayonetta (11.99), as well as PlayStation 2 masterpiece Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (7.99) and the Dead or Alive 5 with Hotties Swimwear Set Bundle (36.99).

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Crysis 3 open beta for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 on 29th January

Crysis 3 open beta for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 on 29th January

Includes the snazzy new Hunter mode.

There's an open multiplayer Crysis 3 beta for all platforms - PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 - only days away: 29th January.

It'll pack two team-based game modes and two maps. The beta will be live for two weeks.

One of the game modes will be Crash Site. In this, you and your team find and defend locations. And you kill the other team.

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Ditching Far Cry, piracy, gameplay and just about breaking even: Crytek on the ups and downs of the Crysis series

Ditching Far Cry, piracy, gameplay and just about breaking even: Crytek on the ups and downs of the Crysis series

As Crysis turns 5 Cevat Yerli contemplates past mistakes and a bold new future.

Tomorrow marks the five year anniversary of the Crysis franchise.

The science fiction shooter series began on 13th November 2007 with the release of Crysis for PC, a launch that carried much fanfare. Here was a shooter that was part open world sandbox, a fitting follow-up to the company's first game Far Cry, part graphics showcase. The hype for months before launch was that Crysis was the best-looking game ever created. Not only was your PC not good enough to run it - no-one's was.

Three and a half years later Crytek released Crysis 2. But there was a catch: the game was no longer a PC exclusive. Crytek had, according to some, sold out. And as more information about the new New York setting emerged and this new “choreographed sandbox” was laid bare, fans of the first game accused the developer of dumbing down the core Crysis gameplay to accommodate the console audience.

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Playable EA games at Eurogamer Expo 2012 revealed

Need for Speed, SimCity, Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, Medal of Honor, FIFA 13.

Playable EA games at the Eurogamer Expo 2012 next month include Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, SimCity and FIFA 13.

Crysis 3 single-player trailer asks: stealth or armour?

Crysis 3 single-player trailer asks: stealth or armour?

Nearly 20 minutes of gameplay on show.

EA has released a Crysis 3 single-player trailer designed to highlight the different play styles on offer.

At the one minute 12 seconds mark of the video, which shows footage taken from a pre-alpha version of the game, you're asked: "How will you play Crysis 3?" Your choices are stealth or armour. Click on one of the boxes to select your style.

Pick armour and Prophet goes all guns blazing, shooting everything that moves. Pick stealth and you're shifted along the video to the point where stealthy gameplay is shown, complete with takedowns from behind.

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Crysis 3 confirmed for February release

Crysis 3 confirmed for February release

Crytek's urban jungle slated for early 2013.

The latest installment in Crytek's attractive first-person shooter series has been narrowed down, with EA confirming that it's aiming for a February release for Crysis 3.

The news came off the back of an impressive on-stage demo for Crysis 3 which reaffirmed the game's visual chops. Crysis 3 blends the jungle gameplay of the first game with the city environments of the second, its action taking place in - literally - an urban jungle, with its New York having been deserted and consumed by overgrowth.

Will Porter saw the game for us earlier this year and did the dirty.

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Crysis 3 Preview: Welcome (Back) To The Jungle

When Crysis has been great, it's been Predator. When we surveyed Korean encampments from a distance, planned our assault and attacked from the trees we were essentially Arnie and his travelling band of musclemen. When we cloaked, pounced, cackled and clutched enemies in our oven-mitt hands we were that super-powerful Predator, toying with our prey. For the sequels to both Predator and Crysis, however, a transfer to an urban setting left some feeling that pig-faced tusk-alien and Nanosuit had lost something special.

"We changed the recipe a bit for Crysis 2," admits Rasmus Hoejengaard, Crytek's Director of Creative Development. "Some people liked it, some people didn't - which is how it always is, right? What we want to do now is to take the 'likes' of each, and combine. We want to have the breadth of Crysis as well as the verticality of Crysis 2, while at the same time not opening it out so much that it alienates players. It needs to be fed in digestible chunks..."

Crysis 3, then, frames its hero Prophet as a hunter - hunkering down on the predatory nature of the nanosuit, and presenting him with a Rambo 2 bow and arrow. Our new surroundings, meanwhile, are the best of both worlds. Crytek is taking the jungle of Crysis and the New York of Crysis 2, putting them in a Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker, switching on Maximum Speed and winding that handle...

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Crysis 3 confirmed, set in New York, first story details

EA has confirmed Crysis 3, a sandbox FPS built using the latest CryEngine tech and due out on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the spring of 2013.

You play Prophet, who returns to New York in 2047. He finds the city has been encased in a Nanodome created by the corrupt Cell Corporation. The New York City Liberty Dome is now an urban rainforest, packed with overgrown trees, swamplands and rivers.

Inside there are seven "distinct and treacherous" environments, known as the Seven Wonders. Prophet uses a "lethal composite bow", first seen last week in leaked box art images, an enhanced Nanosuit and alien tech.

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Crysis 3 announcement inbound, Swedish magazine suggests

Crysis 3 announcement inbound, Swedish magazine suggests

UPDATE: Leaked box art shows new bow and arrow weapon.

UPDATE 3: And here are two more, better Crysis 3 images, found by after a simple Google image search.

UPDATE 2: Leaked box art for Crysis 3 shows a new bow and arrow weapon.

The image, below, was taken by NeoGAF before it was removed from the internet. In the background are hard to distinguish buildings - in London?

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