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"Big" THQ announcement for Gamescom

Homeworld 3? Dawn of War 3?

THQ will reveal an unannounced game at Gamescom in Germany in August.

Core games boss Danny Bilson described the announcement as "big" to Eurogamer.

"I promise a big announcement at Gamescom," he said. "It's unannounced, a new announcement."

While Bilson refused to reveal any details on the mystery game, he did offer a clue.

"I can say that crowd, those hundreds of thousands of people, in that space at that time, this one's built to announce at that place. I'll say that. That's my clue."

Is the game Homeworld 3? The last we heard from the Relic-developed series was Homeworld 2, which launched in 2003.

Or is it Dawn of War 3, which Bilson confirmed to Eurogamer last year was in pre-production?

Or is it something else entirely?

The Gamescom announcement is one of "a few" planned by the Homefront publisher for this year.

They will be spread across the various shows and events, including Comic-Con and the Tokyo Game Show.

Bilson confirmed that at TGS this year THQ will show the first gameplay footage of Ninja Gaiden creator Tomonobu Itagaki's new game, Devil's Third.

THQ will also take the lid off Turtle Rock's new 2013 first-person shooter, which Bilson told Eurogamer "raises the bar" the studio set with Left 4 Dead.

"We've got announcements coming," Bilson continued. "There's a few more coming this calendar year tied to different shows and events."