Homeworld 2

Key events

FeatureHomeworld is where the heart is

Gearbox opens up about its remastering of a long lost strategy classic.

Remember Sierra? Looks like it's coming back

Activision to make announcement at Gamescom.

Gearbox acquires Homeworld

In space, no one can hear you command a colony.

Fans rework Homeworld 2, System Shock and Thief 2

A trip down re-tarmaced memory lane.

"Big" THQ announcement for Gamescom

Homeworld 3? Dawn of War 3?

Relic "definitely looking" at Homeworld 3

DOW2 man spills the beans.

THQ does own Homeworld

Has rights but cagey on plans.

THQ grabs Homeworld rights

Trademark filing points finger.

Homeworld 2

Rob investigates another 'world.