Homeworld Cataclysm

From the austere Newtonian universe of Spacewar! to the lush galactic disc of Mass Effect, video games have been taking us beyond Earth's atmosphere for decades, but in the eyes of Dr Jeff Norris of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, few have done the spirit and practicalities of space travel justice. Speaking at this February's DICE summit in Las Vegas (video below), Norris threw down something of a gauntlet. "If you'd like games to be recognised as a great form of art, I'm afraid that some of you, not all of you, are going to need to step it up. You see, great art, doesn't just move us as individuals, it can move entire societies." For Norris, art has worth when it's bringing about "riot and revolution", when it furthers some broader cultural or political enterprise - an enterprise such as NASA itself, which has long relied upon dreamers of all kinds to relay its values and significance to the world at large.

FeatureHomeworld is where the heart is

Gearbox opens up about its remastering of a long lost strategy classic.

2015 could well be the year of the remaster. With Resident Evil HD Remaster setting digital sales records, Grim Fandango Remastered bringing arguably the greatest adventure game in history to a modern audience for the first time in 16 years, and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D updating the curious classic to a popular handheld, there's no better time to catch up on the the seminal pieces of gaming we missed out on the first time around.

Gearbox acquires Homeworld

In space, no one can hear you command a colony.

Borderlands and Aliens: Colonial Marines developer Gearbox has acquired the rights to Relic's fan-favourite space RTS series Homeworld following THQ's closure.

Back in January interactive media firm teamPixel began a crowdsourced campaign to purchase the rights to Relic's space-themed RTS Homeworld, which it proposed making a mobile remake of and sequel to. Though the campaign met its funding goal, teamPixel was outbid at the auction for the series' rights following then-IP holder THQ's demise. As a result, all backers will be receiving refunds.

Web developer launches Indiegogo campaign to buy the Homeworld IP from THQ

Web developer launches Indiegogo campaign to buy the Homeworld IP from THQ

Wants to make Homeworld 3 and Homeworld Touch.

Web and app developer teamPixel has turned to crowdfunding site Indiegogo in an effort to purchase THQ's cult classic space strategy series Homeworld following the publisher's recent bankruptcy.

While Sega purchased Homeworld developer Relic yesterday in an auction for $26.6 million, the acquisition only included the Company of Heroes and

UFO series, leaving Homeworld lost in space. "The THQ bankruptcy has given all of us a massive opportunity to put Homeworld back in the hands of gamers," said teamPixel's lead developer Robert Santos on the Indiegogo page.

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"Big" THQ announcement for Gamescom

Homeworld 3? Dawn of War 3?

THQ will reveal an unannounced game at Gamescom in Germany in August.

Core games boss Danny Bilson described the announcement as "big" to Eurogamer.

"I promise a big announcement at Gamescom," he said. "It's unannounced, a new announcement."

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Relic "definitely looking" at Homeworld 3

DOW2 man spills the beans.

For fans of Homeworld it looks like the rumours could be true - Relic Entertainment has dropped a huge hint that it's working on a third instalment in the space-based RTS series.

THQ does own Homeworld

Has rights but cagey on plans.

THQ has confirmed to Eurogamer that it now has the rights to the Homeworld brand, although it's cagey over what exactly it is doing with it.