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Cave Story 3D delayed to November

Summer release plans buried.

Cult side-scrolling platformer Cave Story has seen its Nintendo 3DS release pushed back until November.

Developer NIS America issued a statement explaining the wait was "due to additional game improvements... to enhance gameplay".

"Changes are in the small details, but in order to satisfy both the fans and the new players we need to make sure the game is done right," the statement reads. "Please look forward to it this holiday season. Cave Story 3D will be a blast."

Cave Story 3D was originally due to emerge in Europe this September, following an August release in the US.

The adventure was single-handedly developed for PC by Daisuke 'Pixel' Amaya and launched back in 2004. DSiWare and WiiWare ports followed last year.

The Nintendo 3DS version has a complete graphical overhaul and remixed soundtrack. It's the first time the game will be available as a retail release.

John Teti excavated a 9/10 Cave Story review for the game's WiiWare release. "If this game had been released on the NES 20 years ago, it would be recalled by a generation of players as a high point of the 8-bit era," he wrote.

Cave Story on 3DS.