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30th April 2012

Cave Story PC trailer

11th February 2011

Cave Story 3DS announced

8th April 2010

Cave Story

Earlier this year porting company and publisher Nicalis announced that it would be bringing the definitive version of Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya's cult classic platformer Cave Story to Nintendo Switch. This recent edition launched last month in North America with some new features like extra stages, new items, and a planned local co-op mode to be added later this summer. However, some diehard Cave Story fans, like our friends over at USgamer, considered this Switch release to be a step back from the PC version of Cave Story+ that allowed players to switch between the game's updated graphics and its original "classic" aesthetic.

Cave Story will finally reach the European 3DS eShop in May

This definitive version is also coming to Australia.

Japanese indie adventure Cave Story has seen a lot of iterations over the years with relatively straight ports on WiiWare and DSiWare, a full 3D remake on 3DS, and a spruced up Steam release with extra content called Cave Story+. This final - and arguably definitive - rendition of Cave Story was released on 3DS in North America way back in October 2012, but its European version has been MIA for a year and a half. Now, publisher Nicalis has revealed on Twitter that the long delayed product will reach European shores on 1st May.

Cave Story+ coming to 3DS eShop

Original version of indie classic gets 3D visuals, new content.

The recent Steam version of classic indie platformer Cave Story is coming to the 3DS' eShop, publisher Nicalis has revealed.

Cave Story DSiWare delay explained

Publisher plans to re-submit this month.

More than a year after it was released in the US and Japan, there's still no sign of a European release for the DSiWare port of revered indie platformer Cave Story.

Cave Story 3D release date announced

Cave Story 3D release date announced

First gameplay screens shown.

The 3DS revamp of cult indie platformer Cave Story tunnels its way into European stores this September, publisher NIS has announced.

US gamers will get the game first, with a 9th August release date confirmed there.

It's the same basic game as you might have played as a free PC download or upscaled WiiWare title, though with new 3D visuals (which you can inspect below) and a remixed soundtrack.

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Cave Story 3DS announced

Cave Story 3DS announced

Plus "very good chance" of Cave Story 2.

PC and WiiWare indie darling Cave Story will be re-imagined for 3DS.

The new game will be boxed for shops, and the major difference belongs to the presentation - Cave Story is going to the digital barbers. There will be new art and designs for characters and environments, introducing 3D depth, dynamic lighting and crucial snazziness.

"We've gone to a level of detail that probably is unheard of compared to what we did for the original WiiWare version," producer Tyrone Rodriguez told GamesRadar.

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Cave Story DS on the way?

Indie classic goes portable.

Acclaimed homemade platformer Cave Story is heading to DSiWare, according to a hint in the new issue of US mag Nintendo Power.

Cave Story

Cave Story

Give in.

What the hell kind of a name is Cave Story, anyway? Come on, sex it up a little, leverage the IP against your core demographics. At least stick a subtitle in there, and let everyone know that you're building an international franchise. Try this on for size: "Tunnel Assassin HD: The First Descent." It's like I'm printing money over here.

But solo developer Daisuke Amaya doesn't want my advice. He decided to name his magnum opus Cave Story, because that's all this unassuming game is. A simple, wonderful, touching story (that takes place in caves, naturally) about a race of bunny-like people called Mimigas and the boy robot who tries to save them from a horrific end. That may sound obnoxiously adorable, but while Cave Story is indeed cute, it's not overly so. In fact, nothing in this game is overstated, and that's the heart of its charm.

Originally released by Amaya as PC freeware in 2004, this old-school platformer's fit and finish have been polished a bit for WiiWare by indie dev Nicalis, without ruining the chunky, retro vibe of the original. The game's structure, which sends you on a winding voyage through a floating island, has often been described as a "Metroidvania"-type romp. That gives an accurate sense of the run-jump-shoot action while implying that Cave Story is a game of exploration. It isn't, really. You can come and go as you please between about a dozen cavernous worlds, but you'll rarely find cause to backtrack and re-explore what you've already seen.

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Log goes to Frankfurt and waggles himself silly.

I've just got back from an exciting four-hour holiday in Germany. I went to Frankfurt, where I was guided into a room full of televisions and allowed to play some of WiiWare's upcoming titles.