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Cave Story 3D release date announced

First gameplay screens shown.

The 3DS revamp of cult indie platformer Cave Story tunnels its way into European stores this September, publisher NIS has announced.

US gamers will get the game first, with a 9th August release date confirmed there.

It's the same basic game as you might have played as a free PC download or upscaled WiiWare title, though with new 3D visuals (which you can inspect below) and a remixed soundtrack.

"Making the transition from 2D to 3D has been a challenge, but it has allowed us to further expand the Cave Story universe envisioned by Daisuke Amaya," commented Victor Rodriguez, CEO of developer Nicalis.

"I think fans will have a great time with the expanded world and characters brought to life in 3D."

The WiiWare version of the game scored an impressive 9/10 last year from Eurogamer's John Teti.

"If this game had been released on the NES 20 years ago, it would be recalled by a generation of players as a high point of the 8-bit era," he wrote.