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Cave Story 3DS announced

Plus "very good chance" of Cave Story 2.

PC and WiiWare indie darling Cave Story will be re-imagined for 3DS.

The new game will be boxed for shops, and the major difference belongs to the presentation - Cave Story is going to the digital barbers. There will be new art and designs for characters and environments, introducing 3D depth, dynamic lighting and crucial snazziness.

"We've gone to a level of detail that probably is unheard of compared to what we did for the original WiiWare version," producer Tyrone Rodriguez told GamesRadar.

"Primarily, this is based off of the original game. In a way, it's almost like a true 3D remake from scratch."

Yes exactly.

There's no word on a release date for Cave Story 3DS, sadly, but don't expect it too soon.

Cave Story received rapturous applause here on Eurogamer early last year. "If this game had been released on the NES 20 years ago," wrote Eurogamer reviewer John Teti, "it would be recalled by a generation of players as a high point of the 8-bit era. The fact that console gamers are only getting their first crack at Cave Story in 2010 doesn't make the experience any less memorable."

Eurogamer awarded Cave Story a whopping 9/10.

Said creator Daisuke Amaya: "When I was making the original Cave Story, I was very lonely making the game, but I was always imagining people being happy playing my game that took me forever to create.

"As it spread out onto Wii and DS, I wasn't expecting it to be so big. When I was originally making it, I was gearing it toward the Japanese hardcore gamer audience, and once it went worldwide, I really was surprised to see that western gamers embraced Cave Story. That was just astonishing for me. Everything is just a continuous surprise for me, because it's moving onto the 3DS platform, and I wasn't expecting that at all. Every day is a totally new surprise to me."

Cave Story was originally a PC game, one that launched miles ago in 2004. Excitingly, Amaya reckons that constitutes enough time to start thinking about a sequel as well.

"It's now been 10 years since the original Cave Story came out, so I'm now thinking that maybe it's time to start thinking about a sequel for Cave Story. There's a very, very good chance we'll see a sequel," he said.

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