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Cave Story DSiWare delay explained

Publisher plans to re-submit this month.

More than a year after it was released in the US and Japan, there's still no sign of a European release for the DSiWare port of revered indie platformer Cave Story.

Why? According to a post on publisher Nicalis' Twitter feed yesterday, because it failed its Nintendo Europe submission thanks to "some really minor crap with the manual".

Don't give up all hope though. Nicalis promised to "try again this month".

If you're desperate for a handheld version of Pixel's 2004 DIY touchstone, there's always the recent 3DS remake.

"Cave Story 3D adds detail and depth, reimagining the characters and world in a much more rounded and solid state," read Eurogamer's 8/10 Cave Story 3D review.

"It's like a chibi pop-up book, with the 3D effects used for emphasising level furniture or one-off twists - and it looks wonderful, both faithful and surprising."