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New Legend of Zelda game at E3 – report

Aonuma plots 25th anniversary tie-in.

Nintendo will unveil a new The Legend of Zelda game at next week's E3 event, a fresh report claims.

According to French website p-nintendo.com, Zelda boss Eiji Aonuma reveals the eye-catching plan on a Japanese television programme.

We ran the story by our French colleagues at Eurogamer.fr, and their translation corroborates the report.

"Zelda 25th anniversary: New Zelda to be shown in E3!" it reads.

So, what could the new Zelda be?

The first The Legend of Zelda game was released in Japan on 21st February 1986. 2011 is Zelda's 25th anniversary year.

Speculation points to a Nintendo 3DS game. Project Café, Nintendo's Wii successor, launches in 2012, casting doubt on it as as a potential platform for the mystery title.

Wii game The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is rumoured to launch this November.

Meanwhile, the report reveals new information on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, due out on the Nintendo 3DS on 17th June.

It features new orchestral music and improved, touch-screen fuelled item management. You're able to map two objects to the 3DS touch-screen and two others to the X and Y buttons.

The Ocarina is now tied to its own button, for easier use. In the video reported on, Aonuma showcases the game's gyroscopic features. They work "impressively good".

The already-revealed in-game hints are seen through a hole shape in the Stones of Time. Flashbacks give away vague details so as not to spoil any potential satisfaction the player might gain from solving puzzles.

Link can run with his iron boots. In the original version, he could only walk very slowly while wearing them. A colour scheme has been added to the rock hard Water Temple to make it easier.

Ivy, which Links climbs on, has been given a facelift via a new texture that makes it less pixelated. Skulltula medals have also received a lick of paint.

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