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Miyamoto coy on Wii U controller range

Designed for use in same room as console.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The Wii U's key boast of allowing you to stream your game directly through the screen on the controller while someone else watches the TV is a neat trick, to be sure. However, just how far away from the base unit can you take the pad before the connection drops out?

Will you be able to play Zelda HD in bed? In the bath? In the garden shed? Gamers want answers, damn it.

Alas, it seems Nintendo's creative mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto is reluctant to confirm specifics for the time being.

Speaking in a recent Kotaku interview, he wouldn't rule out the possibility of being able to play while in a different room to the console, but explained that was not Nintendo's primary intention.

“Without going into the whether or not it is physically possible to use the device throughout your house, the device is designed for you to have your Wii U controller and television in the same room. They are designed to interact with one another," he said.

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