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December 2009 Archive

    1. Games of 2009: Eurogamer Office Picks
    2. Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games of 2009
    1. Eurogamer goes to WAR
    1. Games of 2009: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
    1. Games of 2009: Borderlands
    1. Editor's blog: Not The Top 50
    1. Crackdown 2
    2. Greenberg: Crackdown 2 in early 2010
    3. GT creator completes 25-hour race
    4. ACII DLC was originally part of game
    5. Divinity II demo on Xbox Live
    6. PES 2010 patch and free DLC
    7. Valve testing bots in TF2
    8. MAG open beta in January
    9. Reflect Missile
    1. OpFlash Overwatch DLC released on 360
    2. BioShock 2's Jordan Thomas
    3. Serious Sam 3 should be done in 2010
    4. UK charts: MW2 is Christmas number one
    5. MS wants Avatars to reflect your shape
    6. Champions Online gets demo, iPhone app
    7. Ubisoft trademarks Future Soldier
    8. Sony files curious Qriosity trademark
    9. Banjo and Avatars in 360 Sonic Racing
    10. Joe Mad at London Darksiders launch
    11. TT director excited by Sony wands
    12. SOCOM expansion for Europe in Jan
    13. Nintendo trademarks WiiRelax
    14. Blizz will "definitely" make console game
    15. EA patches The Saboteur on PC
    16. Bleszinski working on "awesome s***"
    17. Mass Effect 3 to finish story arc?
    18. Uncharted 2 loading improved by patch
    19. Heavy Rain to receive Chronicles DLC
    20. Tropico 3
    1. Narbacular Drop
    1. Look Back to Look Forward
    2. God of War Collection: The Future of Backwards Compatibility?
    1. Split/Second zooms to May 2010
    2. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
    3. PS Home announces 10 million users
    4. Monster Hunter PSP heads online
    5. Borderlands keeps Take-Two afloat
    6. F1 2009 released on iPhone
    7. Vagrant Story on PSN this Tuesday
    8. Allods Online
    9. How ME2 will work without ME1 save
    10. Christmas Quintet for Wii/DSi Online
    11. New PAL Releases Roundup
    12. Assault Heroes coming to PSN too
    13. Mafia 2 due to arrive by August
    14. Criterion talks up binned Burnout DLC
    15. SEGA wins AVP appeal in Australia
    16. GOW Collection bundled with GOWIII SE
    17. Resi Evil 5's Desperate Escape detailed
    1. Army of Two: The 40th Day
    2. SouthPeak dates Dementium II
    3. MGS: Peace Walker demo on PSN
    4. New multiplayer game launches in Home
    5. Split/Second
    6. Blue Toad Murder Files: The Mysteries of Little Riddle
    7. Wada predicts all consoles will die
    8. Final Fantasy XIV beta sign-ups open
    9. Battlefield Heroes hits 3m players mark
    10. FFXIII ships 1.8m for Japan launch
    11. ESRB outs Mass Effect 2 mature content
    12. Activision unveils new Transformers game
    13. Medal of Honor trailer "100% in-game"
    1. PSP Savage Moon out next week
    2. Dragon's Lair swooping to DSiWare
    3. Free TF2 weekend starts tomorrow
    4. Darksiders Video Roundup
    5. New Trials HD Achievements detailed
    6. Army of Two: The 40th Day
    7. Aion double XP weekends start soon
    8. GT5 Time Trial 720p/1080p analysis
    9. New PortaPlay game simulates blindness
    10. DOA: Paradise revealed for PSP
    11. New Pirates OTC kits for LittleBigPlanet
    12. Miyamoto took NSMB DS criticism "hard"
    13. Mega Man 10 confirmed for PSN, Live
    14. PC Modern Warfare 2 mod tools soon?
    15. Crackdown 2
    16. Alien Breed Evolution: Episode One
    1. Heavy Rain to delay Trophy alerts
    2. Sony reveals the SingStar Viewer
    3. Bethesda takes Rage from EA
    4. Mac welcomes Dragon Age next week
    5. MW2's unlimited ammo bug under scrutiny
    6. Dead to Rights: Retribution
    7. Nintendo trademarks the name Zii
    8. Sony mentions monthly subs again
    9. Modern Warfare 2 wins America 2009
    10. Live Army of Two 2 Q&A on Thursday
    11. PES 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer vs. FIFA 10
    12. UK charts: new Zelda off track
    13. Puzzlegeddon also on XBLA this week
    14. Play Age of Conan free forever
    15. Tony Hawk still bigging up Ride board
    16. Four more SongPacks due for SingStar
    17. Spock to voice Star Trek Online tutorials
    18. New Riiidge Racer on the way for iPhone
    19. Army of Two: The 40th Day demo dated
    20. Ubisoft unveils Splinter Cell special edition
    21. New Prince of Persia detailed
    22. Valve announces The Passing for L4D2
    23. Ubisoft reveals new Prince of Persia
    1. Heavy Rain
    2. US to get pink and blue Wii remotes
    3. PS3's PSP emulator analysed
    4. Vancouver 2010 demo on Xbox Live
    5. Australia asks public for R18+ input
    6. Global Agenda
    7. Hi-Rez dates Global Agenda
    8. Deadliest Warrior game announced
    9. Wonder wants games for the blind
    10. Halo: Reach trailer analysis
    11. Dante's Inferno PS3 demo does 60FPS
    12. Five PSP minis already PS3-compatible
    13. The Beatles: Rubber Soul DLC dated
    14. Tron: Evolution revealed for 2010
    15. Bohemia details free ArmA II DLC
    16. Force Unleashed sequel due next year
    17. Braid on European PS3 Store this week
    18. Green Day: Rock Band announced
    19. New True Crime game unveiled at VGAs
    20. Gran Turismo 5 for summer 2010?
    21. 2K officially unveils Spec Ops: The Line
    22. Bungie introduces Reach's Noble Squad
    1. DiRT 2: EGO Evolution
    1. LBP going all Pirates of the Caribbean
    2. Valve fixes L4D2, updates TF2
    3. New PAL Releases Roundup
    4. New Borderlands DLC detailed
    5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Pripyat gets release date
    6. PS3 is Metacritic's console of the year
    7. PixelJunk Shooter heads PSN update
    8. RedLynx details Trials HD's BIG Pack
    9. Just Cause 2 pre-order goodies detailed
    10. DSi tops hardware charts in the US
    11. Greenberg reckons Reach will lap GT5
    12. New Diablo II patch includes respecs
    13. Funcom launches casual MMO arm
    14. BioWare details Mass Effect 2 voice cast
    15. Funcom's SweetRobot
    1. Trials HD BIG Pack DLC dated, priced
    2. UK DS sales hit 10 million mark
    3. THQ outlines Darksiders pre-order deals
    4. Half-Minute Hero
    5. Splinter Cell: Conviction demo in Jan
    6. Loads of Dead Space 2 details emerge
    7. DF on Saboteur's PS3 anti-aliasing
    8. PC Saboteur sabotaged by ATI cards
    9. Home celebrates birthday with free stuff
    10. Aliens vs Predator given UK date
    11. Retro-styled Mega Man 10 revealed
    12. Stargate MMO sidelined for new shooter
    13. Sam & Max to return in 2010
    14. No WOW Lich King fight until April?
    15. Kids given Xbox 360 social feature access
    16. More DLC coming for BrĂ¼tal Legend
    17. Borderlands DLC finally launches on PC
    18. PS3 firmware 3.15 now available
    19. The Lord of the Rings Online: Siege of Mirkwood
    1. 3D gaming will reach 40 million by 2014
    2. French court favours DS flash cart seller
    3. Trials HD: Tips from the developers
    4. Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero
    5. Yakuza 4 dated for Japan
    6. Kojima composer joins Halo Waypoint
    7. SEGA signs Bishop for Aliens vs Predator
    8. Woo turning Stranglehold into film
    9. Alien Breed PC/PS3 sort of dated
    10. New Resi movie delayed until 2011
    11. America's Army cost US Govt $33m
    12. Trophies reveal new Borderlands DLC
    13. PSP minis coming to PS3 next week
    14. Riccitiello: There are one billion gamers
    15. Forza 3 gets DLC boost, hits 1m sales
    16. Rogue Warrior
    1. Yakuza 3 dated for all the West
    2. Euro WOW Lich King patch tomorrow
    3. Sony confirms PSP Minis for PS3
    4. Miles Edgeworth demo released
    5. Taito's Qixx++ on XBLA tomorrow
    6. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
    7. Torchlight
    8. Dragon Age: Origins
    9. Modern Warfare 2 review
    10. Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier
    11. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    12. Maestro: Jump In Music
    13. Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter
    14. EA Sports Active More Workouts
    15. League of Legends
    16. Gears movie to be like Cloverfield
    17. LP2 will appeal to West, reckons Takeuchi
    18. ModNation Racers Euro beta in 2010
    19. Beaterator now available for iPhone
    20. Kim Swift leaves Valve for Airtight
    21. Quantum Theory coming to 360 too
    22. NSMB sets Wii sales record in Japan
    23. ODSTs to return in Halo: Reach?
    24. Dates set for Gamescom 2010
    1. MP shows strong support for games
    2. EA makes Dead Space 2 official
    3. R.U.S.E. Multiplayer Beta
    4. Tony Hawk bitter about Ride scores
    5. UK charts: MW2 top, Tony Hawk tanks
    6. PSP Minis to be playable on PS3?
    7. NCsoft evasive on Aion Vision video
    8. Capcom making Resident Evil motorbike
    9. Schafer wants more Brutal Legend DLC
    10. Tomb Raider dev investigating multiplayer
    11. White Knight gets US release date
    12. GfW Live to get Games on Demand
    13. Faulty Fight Night DLC pulled down
    14. MW2 javelin patch imminent on PS3/360
    15. Free DLC to be released for InFamous
    16. Mass Effect 2 elevator change explained
    17. Call of Duty Classic
    1. Can Consoles Run Crysis?
    1. Bayonetta heads PS3 Store refresher
    2. Crysis 1080p60 Grail Quest Update
    3. Rebellion rises against Australia AVP ban
    4. Critter Crunch
    5. Reset Generation
    6. Alien Breed Evolution dated on XBLA
    7. Army man explains MOH operatives
    8. Gearbox trademarks Borderworlds
    9. Should the Army use games to recruit?
    10. Aliens vs. Predator banned in Australia
    11. New Lips game arriving in spring
    12. New Medal of Honor due in autumn
    13. Max Payne pushed to autumn 2010
    14. Mass Effect 2 comes on two discs
    15. Darksiders
    1. The Saboteur
    2. Squenix's Song Summoner on iPhone
    3. Wii records six million UK sales
    4. EA announces new Medal of Honor
    5. Bayonetta Xbox Live demo out now
    6. PlayStation is 15 years old today
    7. MGS Peace Walker dated for UK
    8. Gran Turismo 5 demo dated
    9. Fuzzyeyes denies Edge of Twilight doom
    10. Bad Company 2 performance analysis
    11. Mod War games too samey, says EA
    12. THQ has plans for Homefront 2
    13. New Edge of Twilight details emerge
    14. PixelJunk Shooter on PSN next week
    15. New PAL Releases Roundup
    16. Using MW2 exploit will get Live suspension
    17. Pets for Xbox Live Avatars today
    18. SingStar hits 20m sold, gets big patch
    19. Star Wars: The Old Republic
    1. SEGA's Vancouver 2010 here in January
    2. EA boss hints at new Medal of Honor
    3. EA exec: MOH is "simply stunning"
    4. Gravity Crash
    5. Mirror's Edge leaping to iPhone
    6. Nintendo reducing Wii production?
    7. Warrior Epic to GOA bye bye
    8. Dante's Inferno demo out this month
    9. Born Under A Bad Sign
    10. BioWare addresses DA PS3 bonus issue
    11. Total War finally given Campaign MP
    12. Battlefield Heroes pricing restructured
    13. Probably no more Rock Band PSP DLC
    14. MGS: Peace Walker gets Japanese date
    15. Player clocks WOW achievements
    16. EA may only do 30 games/year one day
    17. Codemasters releases DiRT 2 PC demo
    18. Sonic compilation for DS in March
    19. Assassin's Creed II DLC in Jan and Feb
    20. FIFA 10: Ultimate Team in February
    21. James Cameron's Avatar: The Game
    1. Metro 2033
    2. PC Colin McRae: DiRT 2 demo out
    3. Turbine details LOTRO: Siege of Mirkwood
    4. Xbox 360 GOD delivers Crackdown
    5. PS Home erecting Santa's Grotto
    6. Nintendo's Eiji Aonuma
    7. EVE Online: Dominion launches today
    8. Exclusive Split/Second powerplay vid
    9. Bethesda confirms Brink delay
    10. Ubi doing "around 10" Natal games
    11. Sony, Nintendo flaunt Thanksgiving sales
    12. Duke Nukem D-Day teased on Facebook
    13. Call of Duty on PSN/XBLA this week
    14. Ecko planned to make Macbeth game
    15. Puzzle Quest 2 heading to DS and XBLA
    16. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising