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Trophies reveal new Borderlands DLC

A trio of coliseum arenas to best.

Gearbox apparently has beefy plans for Borderlands downloadable content as a leaked list of PS3 Trophies lifts the lid on a new, coliseum-based update.

Judging by the rewards (listed on PS3 Trophies) there will be three coliseums - Hell-Burbia, The Angelic Ruins, The Gully - and each will feature a lesser and a larger challenge.

The appearance of Trophies also suggests the content is close and perhaps poised for the Christmas holidays.

2K Games and Gearbox haven't verified the sightings, but developer bigwig Mikey Neuman was a few short breaths away revealing "some new stuff" yesterday, although he later Tweeted that the announcement had been held back for a "later occasion".

Borderlands, an RPG shooter, received its first DLC shipment late last month in The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned. Should all updates be of that calibre then long may Borderlands prosper.

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