Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Doctor Ned


Feature | Saturday Soapbox: Something Borrowed

Is the increasing recycling of game assets a cause for concern?

EU PlayStation Store update 28th Sept

Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection MIA.

Borderlands 2 confirmed - source

Announcement soon. 2012 release.

Feature | Saturday Soapbox: Something Borrowed

Is the increasing recycling of game assets a cause for concern?

EU PlayStation Store update 28th Sept

Mortal Kombat: Arcade Kollection MIA.

Borderlands 2 confirmed - source

Announcement soon. 2012 release.

Borderlands 2 shows up on resume

Speculation points to E3 reveal.

Borderlands GOTY out next Fri in UK

Includes DNF demo certificate.

Borderlands GOTY in October

All the DLC plus a fold-out map.

Borderlands GOTY Edition spotted

Due out in September but not on PS3.

More Borderlands DLC planned

Take Two CEO pleased with results.

Borderlands DLC to get disc release

Update: first two packs only, next month.

Borderlands DLC finally launches on PC

Zombie Island available for $10.

Trophies reveal new Borderlands DLC

A trio of coliseum arenas to best.

Borderlands DLC to add another six hours

Dr. Ned roughly the size of a small zone.

First Borderlands DLC pack dated

This month on PS3/360, with PC to follow.

Borderlands zombie DLC announced

Beefy expansion has Halloween theme.

Pitchford talks up Borderlands DLC

Speed and volume will surprise, he says.