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Pitchford talks up Borderlands DLC

Speed and volume will surprise, he says.

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Gearbox president Randy Pitchford reckons "people are going to be surprised when they find out how quickly we're coming, and with what content we're coming", when it comes to Borderlands DLC.

"Also, we're going to watch and see what happens when the game launches, so we can have our plans affected by what our customers want more of," he told Eurogamer and others during a presentation at gamescom.

"But we do have some plans for the initial stuff already in motion, and I'll be announcing that soon."

Pitchford was as enthusiastic as ever about the game, which is due out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 23rd October, providing his usual effusive commentary throughout a demonstration of a couple of quests played out by four Gearbox staffers in co-op. "That midget just got incinerated!" "Look at that mutant - he's got this little gimp arm!" We suggested 2K includes him in the game box as a pre-order incentive so he can stand in your house making observations.

Despite talking about DLC, he was also adamant about the value in the box, suggesting that there's 100 hours of content in the FPS/RPG hybrid if you want to experience all the quests. That doesn't take into account the 15 million possible weapon drops either.

"We're in cert right now," he said after the demo, referring to the process where Sony and Microsoft make sure the game doesn't climb out of the disc tray and start melting people's hamsters.

"Man, I tell ya, this is the best thing we've ever done, the best my studio's ever done. We're really proud of it."

Look out for more on Borderlands soon.

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