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Borderlands 2 shows up on resume

Speculation points to E3 reveal.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Borderlands 2 has been spotted on a game developer's online CV – sparking speculation that the sequel will be announced at E3 in June.

Internet sleuth Superannuation spotted the resume of freelance artist and animator James Mosingois who, under the heading "notable freelance", lists "user interface concepts for Borderlands 2".

The tweet has since been removed.

News of a Borderlands sequel comes as no surprise. The 2009 co-op fuelled shooter was a hit with critics and gamers, and publisher 2K Games has described a sequel as "a no-brainer".

Eurogamer's Borderlands review looted an 8/10.

In September last year developer Gearbox Software told Eurogamer that sequels to its franchises remained intact despite its purchase of the Duke Nukem brand.

"We are fully committed to all of our projects," boss Randy Pitchford has told Eurogamer.

"At the Penny Arcade Expo where we first unveiled Duke Nukem Forever to the fans, Gearbox Software hosted a panel where I provided an update regarding all of the projects we are involved with.

"I think it was clear to everyone who attended that panel that Gearbox Software and I are very committed to our games and our brands."

The Borderlands sequel is rumoured to be called Borderworlds.

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